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From Cambodia with Love & Lovegrove 2015

A spectacular 12 day photographic holiday tour of Cambodia with Damien Lovegrove

This tour is bookable exclusively through Essential Explorations. Please mention that you're a Lovegrove referral when you register your interest and confirm your booking.
2015 Tour Summary
Destination Cambodia
Locations Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Angkor, Kep, Bokor and more…
Tour Leader Damien Lovegrove
Tour Dates Monday 20th July to Friday 31st July 2015 (12 days 11 nights)
Price USD 3,950 (Single Private Room) - USD 7,450 (Couple Sharing Double or Twin Room)
Initial Deposit Required A 25% deposit is required to book your place with balance payable on or before 31st March 2015
Group size Maximum of 12 photographers per tour (partners participating as non-photographers may increase this number)
Models Both local and western (residing in Cambodia)














Playing with Shadows

Photography holiday tour of Cambodia - Overview

Cambodia is still a mystery to much of the world and there is much for a lens to capture in its people. From the characteristics of age, pain and suffering etched across the faces of those who survived; to the beauty and inspiration of an emerging generation seeking to escape the defeats and the anxieties of their parents and grandparents, Cambodia is still a mystery to much of the world.

The landscapes of Cambodia are breathtaking. Rivers, lakes and waterfalls exist side-by-side as unsurpassed contrasts. Amazing wildlife and domesticated beasts with a difference roam the countryside. White and gold sandy beaches with coconut palms ring the island retreats that dot the coastline.

There are the monsoon rains that bring out the vibrant colours and the splendours of reflections. The exotic plant life and fields of green take on brilliant hues often decorated with powerful skies and wonderful cloud patterns that create impressive backdrops.

The jungle ruins of Cambodia are legendary relics of the largest civilisation of the pre-modern time. The cultural magnificence felt amongst the ruins is breathtaking.

Spend 12 days in the company of Damien Lovegrove, award-winning British photographer, as we trace out a personal, yet shared, visual journey. We will tap into Damien’s enthusiastic and creative mind. He is a kind sharing soul with a passion for photography. His wealth of technical and artistic wisdom will enrich our photographic experience forming memories for years to come, because that is just another reason to be passionate about photography. Or as John Berger once said, “What makes photography a strange invention is that its primary raw materials are light and time”.

"This is not just the Kingdom of Wonder, this is a photographer's paradise." 

This photography experience holiday is being organised by Essential Explorations, experts in creating stunning, hand-crafted journeys that stimulate rich, heartfelt connections. Damien has been invited as the photography leader.

What's included

• Accommodation
• Sightseeing and location entrance fees
• All workshops, guided tours, photo shoots and site sessions
• Porterage in most places
• All principal meals mentioned in the itinerary
• Internal travel costs between tour locations

• Return flights to and from your county of origin 
• Meals and beverages not stated in the itinerary
• Visa / Passport fees
• Travel Insurance
• Tips and Gratuities
• Additional tuition beyond the itinerary
• Room service requests

What to bring

• Camera
Either a digital SLR or a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera is ideal. Damien is likely to have a Fujifilm X-Pro2 camera with 14mm, 23mm, 35mm and 56mm lenses. He may also take the 55-200mm telephoto zoom with image stabilisation.

• Lenses
On APSC format 16mm to 60mm is ideal and on full frame 24mm to 90mm is perfect. There are times where an extreme wide angle lens may be a preferred option or a longer telephoto. The important thing with lens choice is to take what you feel comfortable with. Lenses you know and love are more likely to reward you with fantastic images. A fast standard prime lens like a 50mm f/1.8 on full frame is recommended too. Especially if you are bringing zooms with maximum apertures of f/4 or similar. Damien says “If I had just one lens with me for this trip it would have to be the 23mm f/1.4 Fuji x lens. The same focal length that is found in the fabulous Fujifilm X100s. I find the angle of view (35mm equivalent on full frame) easy to compose with. I also love the fact I can shoot a little closer to my subjects when shooting portraits. this delivers portraits with intimacy and backgrounds that add to the story. The wider the lens, the more environment that gets pulled into the portrait.” Take a look at Damien’s X100 picture gallery here.

• Tripod
We will be shooting various subjects in low light like the mists on the rice fields in first light, landscapes at dusk and star trails at night.

• A remote release cable or intervalometer device.
 Polarising filter
to fit your wide lens or lenses.
 Graduated filters and holder
(desirable but not essential).
 Hoodman Loupe or equivalent (absolute must have bit of kit).

• A Laptop computer with Lightroom or Aperture and a card reader to back up your images. A separate small hard drive is recommended but not essential. This equipment will give you the ability to gather valuable feedback as you progress through your photographic journey. You will also find it essential for preparing your images for the competitions throughout the trip and in time for the deadline submission date – which will be via an online upload page.
Think to purchase a 3G card for your computer after clearing customs at the Phnom Pemh Airport. US$10 should be enough but refills are easy.

• Other recommendations
July and August are the late summer/ early rainy season months (the heavy rains are mid-September through to end October). Whilst in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap light-weight clothing and thongs (flip flops / sandals) are fine, but for the time spent on location, at the ruins and other rural locations, we recommend socks and sneakers or boots, and long sleeves to cover your arms. Pack layers, but you will rarely need more than two. One, maximum two, pullovers is ample. We will have lightweight raincoats for you should it rain (which are generally punctual and short downpours). The beauty of the rains are for added effects to our photography (reason we chose this time of the year) and of course, the rich green colours of the countryside come alive. Mosquito cream (Deet based) is useful once one leaves the city locations (all year round in fact); and a hat (from the sun or the rain). A bum bag is the way to go; these can be purchased here on our day at the markets, and back packs or easy handling ‘tough’ suitcases for the porterage crew. Most times our luggage will be in our hotel rooms, but the more hands-free you can be on the day-excursions, the better.

About tour leader Damien Lovegrove

Damien LovegroveDamien Lovegrove is the managing director of the Lovegrove Photography brands. His life in his words...

"I'm inspired by beauty and as I have matured as a photographer I've learned to see beauty in just about everyone and everywhere. It's not what I look at that matters to me it is what I see. I am always converting the three dimensional scene in front of me into a two dimensional image in my mind. The exhilarating visual experience I have every moment of the day drives my passion for photography."

Six things that I like...

1. Youth - Vibrant, beautiful, effervescent, alive and broad-minded people excite me.
2. Music - Rhythmic, mood enhancing and well structured music provides the sound track to my life.
3. Sunlight - Sunlight uplifts me, it creates visual contrast and generates fabulous patterns of light.
4. Food - Slow roasted lamb shanks with Dauphinoise potatoes and I suppose chocolate are my favourite foods.
5. Drinks - Fine old world wines, beer and cappuccino are three of my life excesses.
6. Connectivity - smart phones, and devices keep me connected via Twitter, my blog Prophotonut and Facebook.

About Essential Explorations

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Essential Explorations grew after a previous partnership developing soul journeys was divvied up. Linda Bell went on to create Essential Explorations and now offers themed travel that corresponds with her own passions and bucket list destinations – Photography and Cambodia being the launch pad (building to dirt bike adventuring, culinary creativity, island cruising; and destinations added to include, Cuba, Laos, France, Egypt, France and Spain – all countries that she has or wants to experience). She knows how to build customised itineraries for groups of people who have a theme or an interest in common, whether they want to explore their passion, search and discover new surroundings, or get out of their comfort zone and extend themselves; and she offers these as family getaways, businesses reunions and trainings, groups of mates and friends to be; while still focused on delivering that soul-satisfying experience.

So take in some travel as an insightful life experience. Essential Exploration aim to take your breath away. Their itinerary and logistics management, along with their tour leadership is dedicated to you – and getting the best from yourself. Whether becoming better at what you do; enhancing your observation of life; or capturing a better understanding of the world, Essential Explorations is the perfect travel platform to feel your expansion as an individual within an environment of like-minded people.

Seeing beyond the fabulous backdrops - embark on a journey to touch that essential part of yourself and your connection with the world at large. Think about where you want to grow and go, “because remember” says Linda Bell, “the directions we choose to take in life are so much more than the arrows on a compass”.

Essential Explorations is more than North, South, East or West, they design travel that is simply the best!

Booking your place
All essential information regarding methods of payment and the booking process can be found in the brochure. Request the brochure here.